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Developer note: This is an early demo to show-off the battle system and mechanics, any feedback is important so please fill out this survey after you are done!

About the game

Trinity Archetype is a rogue-lite, turn-based RPG where you fight deadly enemies trying to take over your broken world. Analyze upcoming enemy actions while strategizing your own; Boost your skills or Inspire your allies to get the upper hand and control the flow of the battle.


  • Party Based Combat: Control three unique characters and spend Action Points to use skills in order to defeat the enemy party.
  • Transparent Battle Flow: Every aspect of the combat and enemy actions is on full display so you can focus on planning the best strategies to approach your turn; nothing is left to fate!
  • Unique "Inspire" Mechanic: Once per turn, a party member can inspire their allies in order to activate new interesting effects that can give you the upper-hand.
  • Boost it up!: Improve your skills during battle by spending Boost Points! Each skills have different extra effects depending on your boost level.

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Trinity Archetype Build 23-07-21.zip 54 MB

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